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Kirtland Air Force Base

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Key Contacts

Military Family Housing Office
1451 4th Street SE
Kirtland Air Force Base, NM, 87117
PH: (505) 846-8217

Kirtland Family Housing
1012 Golden Smoke Drive SE
Kirtland Air Force Base, NM 87116
PH: (520) 515-9000

School Support Services
Wing Headquarters Building
2000 Wyoming Blvd.
377 MSG Command Section, Suite D-1
Kirtland Air Force Base, NM 87117
PH: (505) 846-6477

Kirtland Air Force Base Soldier and Family Readiness Center
Consolidated Support Building
Bldg. 20245, Suite 126
1451 4th Street SE
Kirtland AFB, NM 87117
PH: (505) 846-0741, (505) 846-0751

Most installation services will be available Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm. As always, call first to confirm hours and availability of services.

Helpful hint: Contact these offices early in the week during the morning time frame.

About Kirtland Air FOrce Base

red flag pin in target on blue textured surface

". . . largest installation in the Air Force Global Strike Command . . ."

Kirtland Air Force Base is located in Bernalillo County, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in central New Mexico. The city is geographically divided into four quadrants, officially part of most mailing addresses. The north/south dividing line is Central Avenue, and the east-west dividing line is the Rail Runner tracks. Kirtland Air Force Base is located in the southeast quadrant of the city. The base is adjacent to the Albuquerque International Sunport and shares runways with the international airport. As the largest installation in the Air Force Global Strike Command, Kirtland Air Force Base’s major tenant units include the 377th Air Base Wing, 58th Special Operations Wing, and 505th Command and Control Wing.

Kirtland Air Force Base is also the home to the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center, the Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center, and the Air Force Research Laboratory. Other units include the Pararescue and Combat Rescue Officer Training School and the New Mexico Air National Guard 150th Special Operations Wing.

Kirtland Air Force Base covers 52,000 acres and employs more than 4,500 Military, 3,400 civilians, and 12,500 contractors, including more than 1,000 Department of Energy employees.

About Bernalilo County


As the largest city in New Mexico, you will find tons of activities in Albuquerque and an easy 75-mile drive from Santa Fe, the state capital. The Albuquerque International Sunport is the largest airport in the state and is co-located with the Air Force Base. It was named in honor of the more than 280 days of sun per year that Albuquerque receives. The Rail Runner Train connects Albuquerque and Santa Fe via an easy 90-minute route, which offers scenic vistas and numerous stops between the two cities’ downtown entertainment districts. For the road warriors, you’ll find plenty of options for weekend adventuring within a five-hour radius, including Amarillo and El Paso, TX; Flagstaff, AZ; Colorado Springs, CO; and Las Cruces, NM.


Those new to the area should note that the county shares a name with the city of Bernalillo, located north of Albuquerque in Sandoval County. This is considered to be a moderate to the low-cost living area. Commute times, schools, and accessibility of restaurants and shopping should be considered when choosing a neighborhood and its proximity to Kirtland Air Force Base.


Albuquerque, in the heart of New Mexico, is known for its diverse and vibrant city life and as the world's ballooning capital. The Balloon Fiesta is a must-see event that occurs every October and is considered the most photographed worldwide.

This area has a lot to love, as evidenced by the more than 24,000 military retirees who choose to make this city home. Albuquerque boasts something for everyone —- from abundant restaurants, cultural events, and museums to sunny skies, remarkable scenery, and outdoor adventures.


Kirtland Air Force Base is generally a warm and sunny place to live. Average temperatures range from 48-92 degrees Fahrenheit. The annual rainfall is slightly less than 9 inches, and annual snowfall is about 7 inches, though the mountain areas will see a bit more. Summers can be hot, but the winters are very mild, enabling Albuquerque residents the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors twelve months out of the year.

Albuquerque, USA - July 29, 2015: Skyline or cityscape of city with residential suburban houses near Petroglyph National Monument

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Nearby Neighborhoods


Homes on Kirtland Air Force Base are managed by Hunt Military Communities and offer a variety of two-bedroom, three-bedroom, and four-bedroom homes available for rent. The three main communities offer 1,300 duplex and single-family homes. The neighborhoods have access to a community center with a fitness center, playground, picnic areas, and a heated pool. Albuquerque Public Schools operates two schools on base: Wherry Elementary and Sandia Base Elementary (K-5). Older students attend Van Buren Middle School (6-8), and Highland High School (9-12) or may apply to one of APS’s numerous magnet schools.

In addition to the on-base housing options, there are several off-post communities where many service families choose to reside. The East Side, Uptown/Nob Hill, Sandia Hills, and Rio Rancho are four of the most popular areas within Albuquerque for families. Most students in the area attend Albuquerque Public Schools or one of the Albuquerque charter schools. Outlying school districts include Rio Rancho School District, Moriarty School District, Bernalillo School District, and Los Lunas School District.



The East Side encompasses the entire eastern corridor along Tramway Blvd. This suburban area features some of the most conveniently located neighborhoods to Kirtland Air Force Base. Due to it’s easy to access to Kirtland AFB, an abundance of residential options, and convenience to shopping, dining, and other amenities, the East Side is one of the most popular places to live in Albuquerque.

Big Plus

  • Suburban feel with abundant shopping and recreation activities
  • Very convenient access to and from stores like Home Depot, Costco, & Target
  • 4-8 mile, 11 to 15-minute commute from most of the East Side areas to Kirtland Air Force Base via I-40/Coronado Freeway and Eubanks Blvd NE
  • Convenient 20-minute drive to Downtown Albuquerque

Things to Consider

  • A variety of home styles and ages of home, from move-in ready new construction to investment opportunities
  • The East Side extends north along the eastern edge of the city, so the commuting time can vary based on the particular location
Phoenix Arizona southwest style home

Popular Neighborhoods

  • Four Hills
  • Juan Tabo
  • Foothills Estates
  • Academy Hills

Nearby Attractions

  • National Museum of Nuclear Science & History
  • Canyon Club Golf Course
  • Manzano/Four Hills Hiking Area

Sandia Hills


An area known for its rural feel, Sandia Hills offer respite from city life. With a commute of over half an hour to base, this neighborhood offers quieter living but the convenience of city amenities within a short drive.

Big Plus

  • Huge variety of homes available
  • Most homes feature larger lots than you’d find in the city, many also feature dramatic mountain views.
  • Low maintenance homes and yards with many energy-efficient features

Things to Consider

  • 17 mile, 33-minute commute to Kirtland Air Force Base via Tramway Blvd NE
  • Rural feel with limited shopping and dining options nearby
Beautiful cacti flowers blooming in spring time in Arizona desert.

Popular Neighborhoods

  • Sandia Heights
  • North Albuquerque Acres
  • Mountain Highlands at High Desert

Nearby Attractions

  • Sandia Peak Tramway
  • Cibola National Forest
  • Sandia Peak Ski Area

Rio Rancho


Located just outside of Albuquerque on the west side of the Rio Grande, Rio Rancho has a quiet suburban feel and offers options for a little more room for growing families. This up-and-coming area offers a suburban haven that is appealing to families.

Big Plus

  • Growing area, some established neighborhoods, and many newer developments
  • Easy access to the Cottonwood Commons retail area.
  • Depending on the particular location, homes in this area may be zoned for Albuquerque Public Schools or the Rio Rancho School district.

Things to Consider

  • This area is located northeast of Albuquerque, which is approximately 40-45 minutes from Kirtland Air Force Base.
  • Suburban feel with plenty of shopping and dining options nearby
Saving money or property investment or buy a new home concept. A small house model with growth plant on stack of coins and money bag on wood table. Depicts sustainable financial goal.

Popular Neighborhoods

  • Taylor Ranch
  • Ventana Ranch
  • Tuscany

Nearby Attractions

  • Piedras Marcadas Canyon
  • Petroglyph National Monument
  • Rio Grande Nature Center State Park

Uptown Nob Hill


The Uptown and Nob Hill areas are convenient to Albuquerque’s Uptown and Downtown shopping, entertainment, and business centers but still very convenient to Kirtland AFB. It features an urban vibe, with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, parks, and nightlife.

Big Plus

  • Offers many unique homes in the charming, historic district
  • Known as a vibrant, colorful area with a bustling business district featuring independent shops, restaurants, and coffee shops.
  • 10-14 minute commute to Kirtland AFB via I-40/Coronado Freeway or Louisiana Blvd SE

Things to Consider

  • Tucked between Albuquerque city center and Kirtland AFB, this area has a dense urban feel and may have smaller lots than other parts of the city.
  • Established neighborhoods with a mix of renovated and investment homes
Street of suburban homes

Popular Neighborhoods

  • Nob Hill
  • Monte Vista
  • Parkland Hills

Nearby Attractions

  • University of New Mexico
  • Expo New Mexico
  • McDuffie Park

7 Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Home


To encourage homeownership, the IRS has provided many tax breaks for owning a home. Credits may be available for specific home improvements, such as using clean energy or for qualified first-time home buyers. The way most homeowners see those advantages is through income tax itemization and deductions like mortgage interest and real estate taxes.


Owning your own house is one of the safest bets on stabilizing your monthly home costs. There’s no worry of rent getting increased significantly after each year of living in someone else’s home. Additionally, when you answer to yourself, there is no worry of landlord changes or unexpected lease termination.


Generally speaking, house hacking is a smart strategy that involves renting out a portion of your primary residence as a means of generating income to offset your own living expenses. Think turning your finished basement or mother-in-law quarters into an AirBnB! Or consider purchasing a multi-unit duplex or triplex: live on one side and rent out the other! If your home making money while you’re living in it doesn’t sound like your thing, there’s always renting it out after you PCS as an income generating investment property.

4. Increased Privacy

Generally speaking, house hacking is a smart strategy that involves renting out a portion of your primary residence as a means of generating income to offset your own living expenses. Think turning your finished basement or mother-in-law quarters into an AirBnB! Or consider purchasing a multi-unit duplex or triplex: live on one side and rent out the other! If your home making money while you’re living in it doesn’t sound like your thing, there’s always renting it out after you PCS as an income generating investment property.

5. Pets Are Welcome!

For those who choose to rent instead of buying, it can be extremely difficult to find rentals who allow for your
four-legged, furry friends. Landlords often require hefty pet deposits or place heavy restrictions on the number of pets and breeds they allow—if they will even allow pets. When considering quality of life, including beloved pets and the indoor and outdoor space available to them matters. Having the flexibility to include ALL members of your family as a homeowner is priceless!

6. Pride of Ownership

One of the greatest benefits of owning your own home is the pride of ownership that comes along with it. Not only are homeowners more inclined to take good care of their investment with routine maintenance and cleaning, but also they are free to make design choices ranging from hanging artwork on the walls, to paint colors, to customization of closets, electronics, and more. As military families who relocate frequently, having your home reflect who you really are feels important.

7. Safe and Stable Long Term Investment + Forced Savings

Owning a home has historically been one of the safest, lowest risk financial investments that tends to have long-term stability and success. As your home value appreciates and your mortgage balance decreases, what’s left is growing equity with an eventual paid off home. Making a monthly house payment is akin to setting aside a specific amount each month into a savings account—it’s a little difficult to access in the moment, but over time it can build into something significant in the form of equity.




Your PCS is underway!

The home buying and moving transition process has begun. Now what? If it feels like there are a million things to do, don’t fret because you don’t have to do them all yourself. During the relocation process, there are many service providers that can assist you in making your move a smooth one.

Consider these five resources to help you in the process


Sure, the military offers transportation and relocation services, but many service members decide to coordinate the transfer of household goods themselves. Not only can you often earn money on the difference between moving costs and weight allowances, but you can be assured that you have more control over your belongings. Services that moving companies offer can range from delivery of boxes and pods for the “you-pack” model all the way to full-service logistics companies that will do all of the packing, loading, driving, and unpacking for you.


Whether you need to store your household goods for a few weeks until you close on your home or you decide that you have more stuff than square footage, storage companies abound. Sizes, conditions, and contracts vary widely so be sure to do your homework before you commit. Particularly in climates with extreme cold, heat, or humidity, it is important to consider using only climate-controlled storage to ensure the protection of your furniture and temporarily unused items.


It is not uncommon for there to be a short gap of time during a military move between when you arrive at your new duty station and your new home being available to inhabit. No longer are hotels the only option for sticking out a few days or weeks during the wait. Vacation Rentals by Owner (VRBO) and Airbnb are great options to make you feel more at home while you wait for your home. In fact, why not take advantage of seeing your new city through the eyes of a tourist? Find a location near new local attractions and dining and enjoy a few days of getting to know the lay of the land.


Once you get settled in at your new home, it’s important that you alert agencies that will make sure your current and up-to-date address is on file. The United States Postal Service (USPS) and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are two of the most important and by doing so, any important mail or documents in your name should be forwarded or sent along to your new address. It’s also a good idea to notify banks, credit card companies, and other debt collectors of a change of address. These days nearly all of these transactions can be handled online.


No matter how much you purge, toss, organize, minimize, or donate before you pack up the moving truck, it never fails that after you get unpacked on the other side there seems to be more stuff to declutter. Discard and donate services can help with this. Many are a phone call away and will happily come to your residence for a pickup. Others are structured where you simply drop off at a store. A lot of these services are charitable organizations and will offer you documentation for your own taxes based on your donation. It’s a win-win: you downsize by donating, and someone else benefits from your use of your items.