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What Can a MILLIE Scout Do for You?

Sometimes you need a helping hand and don’t know where to look. As real estate agents, we connect our clients with great vendors and resources to get all kinds of household jobs done. We can be an amazing portal to our community, and we want to stay involved throughout your homeownership journey, but our services do have limits. That’s where MILLIE Scouts come in.  Scouts are military spouses located at bases all over the world who advertise their support services to other military families via a job board at Homeowners can hire Scouts by the hour or by the job.

Here are 30 things a MILLE Scout can do for you:

During Your PCS

  1. Organize in preparation for your move day
  2. Supervise the movers
  3. Supervise the kids
  4. Complete move-out cleaning
  5. Turn in the cable box
  6. Clean up the yard
  7. Be your proxy to get on the housing list at your new duty station
  8. Help unpack
  9. Pick up your keys
  10. Give you the inside scoop on your duty station

While You’re on Vacation

  1. Check for mail and packages
  2. Water plants
  3. Feed pets
  4. Shovel snow
  5. Bring garbage cans in

When You’re a Landlord

  1. Take photos of your rental for listing
  2. Provide a move-in walkthrough with tenants
  3. Complete move-out cleaning
  4. Take move-out photos or video
  5. Collect keys
  6. Meet a repair person
  7. Secure the property after a tenant viewing
  8. Act as an on-call emergency contact
  9. Do a property check-up during your tenant’s stay

When You’re Looking at a Rental from Afar

  1. Take measurements and create a floor plan
  2. Be your proxy when viewing with a real estate agent
  3. Be your smell tester
  4. Be your noise tester
  5. Take a property video
  6. Take a neighborhood video

Use this list to take advantage of the great services MILLIE Scouts offer! Remember to contact me not only for your real estate needs but also for connections to so many resources that make owning a home easier. Just ask!