What Conveniences Matter Most When Shopping for a New Home

When shopping for a new home there are many factors buyers consider to be non-negotiable. Elements like proximity to shopping, being in desirable school zones, and well-managed neighborhood amenities usually rank near the top along with factors like price, resale value, and square footage. 

However, when it comes to the physical home itself, current real estate trends indicate that particular conveniences are very important to buyers. Whether you are in the market to purchase a home in the near future and want to keep a lookout for these features or you may be ready to list your home and want to make sure your current home checks these boxes, read on for five conveniences that matter most when shopping for a new home. 

Accessibly Designed Kitchens

Accessible, or universally designed, kitchens are not only great for resale, but no matter the life stage, buyers are finding value in strategically placed appliances, counters, and walkways. Whether it is for the perks of aging in place for buyers with potential mobility issues or simply having a microwave placed at a height where kids can reheat their own leftovers, having an accessible designed kitchen ranks high on important conveniences for buyers. 

Well Designed Closets

Custom designed closets can help maximize and make the most of your storage square footage. Well-planned closet space looks every bit as beautiful as it functions. According to Closet Works, Inc., “Most ordinary closets have a shelf and a bar, and maybe an add-on hanging rack for the back of the door. Custom closets give you options such as cubbies, cupboards, shallow and deep drawers, slanted shelves and a host of other choices. You’ll take better care of your things, minimize wrinkling, and keep everything right where it should be.” 

Walk-in Pantry

Blame it on the hold over of the pandemic tendency to stockpile or the wildly popular “Home Edit” vibes to organize with bins, baskets, and decanting. Today walk-in pantries are one of the most requested conveniences in new homes. The significant amount of storage space that a walk-in pantry provides makes it easy to keep spices, food supplies, pots and pans, crockpots, cookbooks, toaster ovens, and many more things tucked neatly away out of sight.

Laundry Space

A laundry room simplifies one of your chores and makes your home more attractive to homebuyers. One of the features today’s homebuyers want most is a room that’s hardly seen: a laundry room. According to Kiplinger, 91% of buyers want this feature, even if it’s just a closet. If your home doesn’t have this highly-sought feature, you can create one, and the cost is relatively low. Factors to keep in mind include location, storage and folding space, and potential dual purpose space that could also be used as a mudroom or workspace. 

Outdoor Living Spaces

Being around nature and fresh air is one of the best ways to boost one’s mental health and reduce stress levels, and outdoor living spaces offer the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors. Whether it is a patio or screened porch for relaxing or a formal outdoor kitchen or firepit area for entertaining, buyers are seeking outdoor living spaces as extensions of their homes.